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DIY Ductless Residential Installation Workshop with Help (if needed)


Attend our Monthly “DIY” Ductless Install Workshop at CT Home Comfort Showroom

Do It Yourself Ductless Residential Installation Workshop

What: "Do It Yourself" – Ductless Residential Installation Workshop

When: 2nd Saturday of Each Month at 10:00am

Where: Air, Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom
104 Frontage Road, East Haven, CT 06512

Attend: No-Cost - Sign up below & indicate DIY Workshop Date or call 203-691-9131

At Air, Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom we know there are many homeowners who are capable of installing their new ductless heat pump system.

We also know, that there are a few aspects of a ductless installation that can be challenging, so we’ve put together a DIY Workshop for education and using a bit of our help.

Held on the second Saturday of each month at 10am. Our monthly “no cost” DIY Ductless Installation Workshop with help (if you need it) we teach “Do It Yourselfers” the critical aspect of a residential Heat Pump Installation.

DIY ductless installations are done by thousands of homeowners... You got this!


In the DIY Workshops We Will Give a Complete Overview on Design and Installation of Ductless Equipment

(Where the units can be installed for proper service clearances and proper operation of the equipment)

  • How many BTU’s you will need
  • What tools will you need to complete the installation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Installing the Indoor Mounting Plate
  • Drilling the hole for the refrigerant lines, condensate & wiring
  • Installing the Indoor Unit
  • Installing the Drain Line
  • Installing the Refrigerant lines
  • Connecting the Electrical Wiring
  • Installing the Safety Drain Switch
  • Covering all the outside lines with Line Hide
  • Assembling a Wall Bracket & Sling Stand
  • Mounting the Outdoor Wall Bracket
  • Leveling a Heat Pump Pad
  • Installation procedures for the Outdoor Unit
  • Wiring the Outdoor Unit
  • Start Up

Air, Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom can supply all equipment for a complete installation:

(Includes: Indoor unit, Outdoor Unit, Refrigerant Lines, Wiring to connect indoor unit to the outdoor unit, Outdoor Wall Bracket or Stand, Drain Sensor, Condensate Piping, Line Hide, Wire Ties and misc. installation materials needed to complete the job)

Obtaining the Town Permit(s) for a Ductless Heat Pump Installation

  • Zoning Permit,
    (Accompanied with a Plot Plan of the property. The Plot Plan must have all measurements of property lines, house, shed(s), garage and their distances from the property lines)
  • HVAC Permit
    (After the Zoning permit is approved, you will bring that to the building department and fill out an application for the HVAC permit along with payment for the HVAC permit. Some towns require that all taxes are paid in full in order to obtain a permit)
  • Electrical Permit
    (An electrical permit can be obtained without zoning approval. The permit may be for simply wiring the new heat pump or along with an electrical upgrade of your service and panel)


What we will do for you:

  • Inspect your installation
  • Connection of the refrigerant lines
  • Evacuation of the refrigerant lines
  • Inspect the electrical wiring
  • Seal up the line set hole with silicone
  • Inspect the drain sensor installation
  • Check and adjust refrigerant levels (Refrigerant will be an additional charge for some Multi-Zone systems)
  • Startup & test the operation of the heat pump system
  • Register the system for the Elite Diamond Dealer Warranty
  • Let you know to call for a final inspection by your town inspector

DIY ductless installations with a little help from us... We’ve got your back!

Call us to sign up below for your FREE Ductless Heat Pump “DO-IT- YOURSELF WORKSHOP” or call 203-691-9131

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