Ductless System Costs


Ductless System Costs


2018 How Much Do Ductless Mini Split
Heat Pump Systems Cost?

At CT Home Comfort Showroom this question is asked a lot. What are the costs involved in buying, installing a new ductless heat pump/mini split system? The ductless Systems and overall home requirements are a factor.

We break the overall costs on how most HVAC Contractors price residential ductless heating & cooling systems.

Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System

HVAC contractors aim for a 20% net profit in order to stay in business.

HVAC contractors take their cost of doing business and divide it into labor hours. This gives them their hourly labor rate cost. The average labor rate cost in Connecticut is approximately $125 per hour. A 20% net profit is added to that cost to come up with the consumer labor hourly rate.

It takes an average of four hours and two installation technicians

(Hourly Rate x 2) to install a complete Single zone ductless system, no matter the size (BTU rating).

A 20% net profit is added to the material costs, which includes: the outdoor unit, indoor unit(s), safety drain sensors, copper refrigerant piping, R410A refrigerant, outdoor line hide, outdoor unit stand or wall hanger, lag bolts, outdoor unit pad, gravel, condensate tubing, electrical wiring, service disconnect, GFI outdoor electrical outlet, wire ties and misc installation materials.

Ductless Cool & heat for a fraction of the cost

The total material cost to install a Single zone Mitsubishi ductless Hyper Heat unit is $2,200 for a 9,000 BTU unit. An 18,000 BTU unit cost is $2,800.

The Electrician charges an average of $1,000 to wire the ductless unit to your electric panel.

Connecticut Sales Tax is only added to the materials sales price. Labor is not taxed.

Permit fees are about 4% of the total installation price.

Below is an approximate breakdown of how the complete installation of a 9000 BTU Ductless Heat Pump system is priced:

$1,000.   Labor
$2,200.   Materials
$1,000.   Electrician
$1,050.   20% net Profit
$   175.   Sales Tax (Materials only)
$   500.   Comfort Advisor Commission
$   235.   Town Permit

$6,160.   Total Installation Price

This example is for a basic installation, where the outdoor unit is within 15’ of the indoor unit and the electrical panel is within 10’ of the outdoor unit.

Our competition may not like that their “secret” is revealed now.... Oh well.

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