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At Air Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom we carry the best in ductless brands. Mitsubishi, Carrier, LG, Samsung, Daikin, Lennox & Fujitsu are amongst the most recognized ductless heat pump / mini split systems in the United States.

The Ductless System Contractors with Air Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom are licensed HVAC Contractors. When you get a ductless Heat Pump install or require service by us, you can expect professional work with a 2 year labor warranty on every installation, regardless of the brand.

So whether it is a single zone install or multiple zoned areas of your home – we’ve got you covered, manufacturer warranties, rebates, to repairs.

Keeping your ductless air conditioning / heating system running at optional control.


Ductless Installation
What to Expect with Ductless System Installation

Ductless System Multi Zone Installation

Prior to installation day... The job folder is reviewed by the owner or manager to make sure everything will work properly. The drawings, load estimate, and submittals are prepared for the permit. We order all of the Equipment needed for your job. The installers are briefed on the installation and any special requests from the customer or comfort advisor.

How Long Will The Installation Take... Ductless installations with one or two air handlers will only take one day (4 to 8 hours). Multi Zone Ductless systems, with more than two air handlers, will usually take two to three days unless we send another crew.

What you should expect... We normally arrive at your home between 8:00 AM – 9:00AM. The installers will introduce themselves and explain what they will be doing. There will be some drilling noises but they will try to keep it to a minimum. The electrician will be inspecting your electrical panel for safety and then wire the ductless heat pump system.

Permits / Inspection... Obtaining an HVAC permit is necessary for every ductless heat pump installation or replacement. We will file for all necessary permits from your city or town Building Department. After the installation is 100% complete, we will contact the Town Inspector for a final inspection. This ensures the job will be done to meet or exceed all safety codes.

Keeping your home clean... Our installers will lay down drop cloths and wear shoe covers to keep your floors clean. They will clean up as they work and after the work is completed. The installers will remove and properly dispose of any old equipment, if applicable.

Explaining the Operation and Maintenance Procedures... Once the installation is 100% complete, the lead installer will explain, in detail, the operation of your new Ductless Heat Pump system. We will also go over the maintenance procedures that are required to get the maximum efficiency of your new Ductless Heat Pump system.

Rebates... Most rebates are taken directly off the price of the job at the time of the sale. We will help with any other applicable rebate forms. All rebate forms should be submitted within 10 business days of completed jobs.


Ductless Service & Maintenance

Ductless System Repair

Although ductless systems are virtually maintenance and hassle free. We do recommend following the manufacturer instructions on upkeep and service.

At Air, Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom, we offer a yearly maintenance / service is available to ensure that your ductless system is continues to run optimally.

  • Clean duct, filter, of indoor air handler(s)
  • Verify optimal air flow from handler(s)
  • Inspection of outdoor condenser, including lubricate motors, tighten or replace belts
  • Check refrigerant lines
  • Check all electrical terminals, clean & tighten connects
  • Complete examination of your entire ductless system

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From Scheduling your Ductless Installation to Maintenance or Service we at Air, Inc. CT Home Comfort Showroom are here to help keep our customers HAPPY!

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