Single Zone | Multi Zoned System


Ductless Heating & Cooling for Single Zone or Multiple Zone Operation


Single Zone & Multi Zone Ductless Systems

Amazingly functional ductless systems provide the benefit of both air conditioning and home heating to one or multiple zoned areas in your home – all in one unit.

Ductless heat pumps | mini splits are relatively small in size with the ability for zoned heat and air conditioning to an individual room or the entire house.

Giving you constant and consistent indoor climate control.

Using the least amount of energy to provide both heat and air conditioning makes ductless HVAC systems highly energy efficient.

Energy efficient heat pumps and mini splits can reduce overall energy consumption, while decreasing the need for fossil fuel, thus saving you money and helping the environment. How GREAT is that!


Single Zone Ductless System

Single Zone Ductless Heating & A/C

Being duct-free, a single zone systems work ideally in additions or in areas of the home where supplemental heating or air conditioning are necessary. A single zone ductless system can work well for an open floor plan.

With their ability of hyper cooling and/or heating - the system will cool off or heat the room to get to the ideal up temperature quickly – then remain at the desired temperature.

Depending on the sizing of the space, one ductless air handler can provide 6,000 Btu’s and up to 36,000 Btu’s, per room.


Multi Zone Ductless Systems

Multiple Zoned Ductless System

True Home Comfort is the ability to set the desired temperature in each room, controlled by the individual person in that room.

One system can have up to eight indoor air handlers (up to eight zones) that work off of one outdoor unit.

With the use of multiple indoor units, these heating and cooling systems can be easily installed throughout the house. Point the remote & choose the optimal temperature for one room or multiple areas throughout.


  • Provide heat or air conditioning to one room or throughout the entire house
  • Each zone has its own thermostat for individual room temperature control
  • Designed to blend in discreetly into any home layout

At the CT Home Comfort Showroom we will spec out a room or your entire home for a ductless comfort system and give you a no cost estimate!

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